Hong Kong International Improv Festival

Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 8:00pm - Sunday, March 8, 2015 - 4:00pm

Hong Kong International Improv Festival, March 2015

The Hong Kong International Improv Festival is an international celebration of improv! Featuring People’s Liberation Improv (Hong Kong), 3 Dudes Improv (Hong Kong), To Be Continued (Hong Kong), PopularDemand (Hong Kong), People’s Republic of Comedy (Shanghai), SPIT (Manila) and ZMACK! (Shanghai). Update, February 25: Unfortunately, the Pirates of Tokyo Bay (Tokyo) have advised us that they can't come this year.

All English-speaking teams, though there will probably be smatterings of Cantonese, Putonghua and Tagalog thrown in, just for fun. Not suitable for children.

March 5-8, 2015 - March 5-7, 8pm at Champs Bar, basement of the Charterhouse Hotel, 209-219 Wanchai Road, Causeway Bay, then March 8, 2pm at the TakeOut Comedy Club, basement of 34 Elgin Street, SoHo, Central. Champs is a bar/restaurant - buy food and drinks there. The TakeOut Comedy Club is not a bar/restaurant - BYO drinks.

Thursday March 5, 8pm at Champs
PopularDemand (Hong Kong), To Be Continued (Hong Kong), People’s Liberation Improv (Hong Kong)
Tickets HK$150

Friday March 6, 8pm at Champs
People’s Republic of Comedy (Shanghai), SPIT (Manila), People’s Liberation Improv (Hong Kong)
Tickets HK$200

Saturday March 7, 8pm at Champs
People’s Republic of Comedy (Shanghai), ZMACK! (Shanghai) and 3 Dudes (Hong Kong)
Tickets HK$200

Sunday March, 2pm at the TakeOut Comedy Club
ZMACK (Shanghai), Improv Jam (featuring mix-and-match teams with players from all the participating teams)
Tickets HK$150

Reservations for all shows/venues: Contact Mr Jami Gong, (852) 6220 4436 or jami [at] takeoutcomedy [dot] com 

People's Liberation Improv

Comedy improvisation based on suggestions from YOU, the audience! YOU SAY IT, WE PLAY IT!

People's Liberation Improv, founded in 2007, is Hong Kong's longest-lasting, biggest and only regularly performing English-language improv troupe. We're based at the TakeOut Comedy Club HK.

We perform in English and our shows are not suitable for children.

Our Upcoming Shows

Thursday April 9, 9pm-10.30pm at the TakeOut Comedy Club
Thursday May 7, 9pm-10.30pm at the TakeOut Comedy Club
Thursday June 4, 9pm-10.30pm at the TakeOut Comedy Club

What Audience-members Say About PLI

“My friends and I enjoyed the Christmas improv show so much, we're making this a regular gathering!”
- Dina Narain, about the December 2008 show

“That was a great performance last night. I’m not a comedy expert, but the troupe seems to be in really good form now - good interaction with audience and among yourselves. The spontaneous response and flow of very funny ideas made it much fun for all. Bravo!”
- an audience-member at our July 2011 show

“GREAT show on Friday night.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.”
- Lesley Stewart, about our May 2012 show

“...all the audience just kept laughing all the time”
- from a review of our ImprovMania show, September 13, 2012, on the hkELD website

“Thanks guys; I had a really great time last night! My voice is now slightly cracked from laughing straight for 2 hours!!”
- Viola Yip, about our February 2014 show

“Had an awesome time with @PLIHongKong! Great people and good laughs.”
- a tweet from Frank McDade, visiting from Pittsburgh, October 2014

"I haven't laughed so hard for ages - I was hyperventilating."
- Mark, an audience-member at our December 2014 show

And our favourite:
“...could Hong Kong performers move their hips less because their gestures do not improve the quality of comedy performances, are not entirely decent, and serve no purpose.”
- from an audience-member at our November 2010 show

Improv Workshops and Open Rehearsals

Curious about how we do what we do? Keen to have a go at improv? Or maybe you're an experienced improv performer, looking for a troupe to play with?

We occasionally hold improv open rehearsals (one informal evening) or workshops (one intensive day or a five-week course). Join us in some warm-up exercises, learn some improv games and develop your improv skills. All in English. No improv experience required.

If you're interested and you show definite talent, potential and commitment, we might invite you to play some games with us in an upcoming show, and maybe even eventually to become a member of PLI.

Enquiries: Contact pgrella [at] gmail [dot] com (Pete Grella) or Jami Gong

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